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Tonkon Torp has one of the Pacific Northwest's premier antitrust practices, advising some of the region's leading businesses in complex mergers and acquisitions, and litigating antitrust cases in the region's most important market sectors, such as forest products, agriculture, electronics, healthcare, aviation and transportation, and athletic apparel, shoes and equipment.
Leading Pacific Northwest companies, such as NIKE, ESCO Corporation, and V-Tech Electronics North America, Inc., have trusted Tonkon to provide them with regular antitrust advice over the years. We approach this task not merely as an exercise of providing an analytically correct answer which identifies antitrust risks associated with particular conduct. Rather, we see our job as assisting our clients in finding the best business solutions under the law. Clients praise Tonkon's lawyers for providing efficient, workable answers rather than law review length memoranda that offer no useful recommendations.
The antitrust litigation matters we handle cover a broad spectrum that includes price fixing, refusals to deal, tying, reseller terminations, vertical non-price restrictions, monopolization and attempted monopolization. Because our clients are businesses that can find themselves on one side or the other of an antitrust dispute, we have significant experience acting on behalf of both antitrust defendants and plaintiffs.

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