Tonkon Torp Firm History

In August 1974, Frederick H. Torp, Brian G. Booth and Kenneth D. Stephens withdrew as partners from the firm of Davies, Biggs, Strayer, Stoel and Boley (now called Stoel Rives LLP). They, along with two associates of that firm, Jon W. Nickel and Michael M. Morgan, made plans to join Moe M. Tonkon, Morris J. Galen and Terry W. Baker, who were practicing as Tonkon, Galen & Baker. Don H. Marmaduke, who had left Davies, Biggs, Strayer, Stoel and Boley to start a public interest law firm in 1971, became the seventh member of the partnership of Tonkon, Torp & Galen.  

The firm name was changed to Tonkon, Torp, Galen, Marmaduke & Booth effective January 1, 1981. And, on November 3, 1997,  when the firm became a limited liability partnership, the name was shortened to Tonkon Torp LLP. Many of our lawyers started here as Summer Associates or entry-level attorneys and the firm has grown steadily over the years by hiring and retaining great lawyers.