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Since our earliest days, Tonkon Torp's client roster has included leaders in the sport, media and entertainment fields. We represent household names in the sporting sector and luminaries in the entertainment area. Our media clients include television, radio and publishing companies, and we are especially adept at the constitutional issues these clients face.
Clients in this sector trade on intangibles in many cases, and we are able to identify the risks and challenges that intangible assets hold. Brand and reputation are more than feel-good elements, they are bottom line concerns for our clients. Similarly, copyright and trademark protection is of paramount importance to clients in this sector. Our intellectual property attorneys and litigators deliver expertise and assertive representation in these matters.
Our services in the sports, media and entertainment world include:
  • Event and team sponsorship and athlete endorsement agreements
  • General business counsel
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate finance and governance
  • Libel and slander litigation
  • First Amendment litigation
  • Intellectual property protection and licensing agreements
  • Immigration issues for performers, athletes and employees
  • Executive compensation and employee benefits
  • Labor and employment matters
  • Real estate, land use and environmental issues
  • Tax and wealth planning