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Tonkon Torp gives lawyers the rare opportunity to practice "big firm" law in a "small firm" environment. Our staff and attorneys appreciate that we are a leading law firm in Portland, yet have the unique pleasure of working together under one roof. 

CLIENT BASE. Our clients range from large publicly owned companies to small closely-held family businesses; from financial institutions and public utilities to internet start-ups and media companies. We thrive in a varied and sophisticated practice. Our business lawyers do securities and transactional work for public companies like NIKE and Portland General Electric, and smaller businesses also. Our litigators have handled billion-dollar cases and many smaller ones too.

COMMUNITY. Tonkon Torp is committed to the community in which we live and practice. We encourage and support our attorneys in their community service and pro bono endeavors. Our lawyers serve on the boards of arts organizations, community-service groups, government commissions, and other non-profit and charitable groups.  For more information about our deep community roots, visit our Community Involvement page at Community Involvement

PRO BONO.  Providing pro bono services is an important part of life at Tonkon Torp and one of the firm's core values.We sponsor and staff a legal clinic in Southeast Portland for those without means and regularly volunteer at the local Small Business Legal Clinic. To learn more about our commitment to pro bono, visit our Pro Bono page.

HISTORY AND ATMOSPHERE. In 1975, we were 11 lawyers with a blue-chip practice. Now we are 89. Although we will continue to grow as necessary to serve our clients, we will not grow for growth's sake. We intend to continue to enjoy practicing law in a "small firm" environment. We have as few rules and regulations, and as little bureaucracy, as we can manage. That is one of the many benefits of practicing in a one-office firm with fewer lawyers than the other top-tier firms.

HIRING GOALS. We hire most of our attorneys from our summer associate program. In fact, 79% of our current associates who started at the firm as entry-level lawyers came from our summer program. Our goal is for every summer associate to return to the firm as a lawyer, and for every associate we hire to become a partner. We reject the tactic of hiring many with the intention of selecting only a few. We are very disappointed when a summer associate does not receive an offer, or when an associate does not become a partner. We therefore are very careful to hire only those who we think can do the highest quality work. We look for individuals with superior academic backgrounds who have demonstrated leadership skills, ambition, and a commitment to their community. We also try to hire people who are friendly, self-confident, and have a good sense of humor.

PORTLAND, OREGON. Most of us are in Portland because we think it offers the richest and most fulfilling life that can be found anywhere. We are close to the mountains, the ocean, and the Columbia Gorge. But, you don't need to leave town to find a wonderful environment. Right here in the city we have beautiful parks, wonderful bike paths, family-oriented neighborhoods, outstanding brew pubs, fabulous restaurants, numerous book stores, and an amazing transit system. Portland is the ideal city in which to create a balance between a fulfilling and rewarding law practice and a fulfilling and rewarding private life.